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Contribute to the Clay Wrege Charitable Foundation

Our deepest thanks to those who have already made a loving donation. If an individual or organization would like to contribute to Clay’s Foundation, checks should be made out to:

The Clay Wrege Charitable Foundation

The check should include the foundation's account number which is:


Mailing address is:

P.O. Box 770001
Cincinnati, OH 45277-0053

The Foundation would like to thank the following contributors who have made donations of $100 or more. If your name or organization was omitted due to an oversight or if we were unaware of your donation, we profusely apologize for not yet acknowledging your kind contribution.

Donations of $100 or more:

Greg Nichol - New Albany, Indiana
Hobson & Kathlyn Kahl - Charlestown, Indiana
Laura Lewis - Floyds Knobs, Indiana
Wicks Pizza - New Albany, Indiana
MYbar - New Albany, Indiana
B & J Trucking Service, Inc. - Jeffersonville Indiana
Patricia Wrege - Louisville, Kentucky
Patrick Yates - Louisville, Kentucky
Charles & Connie Newton - Floyds Knobs, Indiana
Reed & Robbie Wrege - Georgetown, Indiana
St. Marks United Church of Christ - New Albany, Indiana
Tabitha Resener, Lanesville, Indiana
Kurt Resener, Lanesville, Indiana
Dwight Elrod, Sellersburg, Indiana
The Shockers (band), New Albany, Indiana
Jan Weimer, Lanesville, Indiana
Susie Hammond, Floyds Knobs, Indiana
Emmaus Men’s Breakfast Group, New Albany, Indiana
The Tomala Family , Long Boat Key, Florida & Geneva, Illinois
Paul Kohler, Louisville, Kentucky
Gage Thurman, Louisville, Kentucky
Tony Thomas, Louisville, Kentucky
Kylie Rhew, Louisville, Kentucky
Michelle Maeda , Atlanta, Georgia
The Sports & Social Club, Louisville, Kentucky
Boone Schwartzel,  Houston, Texas
Rodger Wrege, Peachtree City, Georgia

SPECIAL THANKS to MYbar for holding the Clay Wrege Benefit Celebration, and their kind donation of the proceeds.

Ian Hall of MyBar Clay Wrege Tribute at MyBar


The Clay Wrege Charitable Foundation :: P.O. Box 770001 Cincinnati, OH 45277-0053 :: claysfoundation@hotmail.com