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About Clay WregeClayton Reed Wrege

"Greater love hath no man than this,
that a man lay down his life for his friends"
- John 15:13

Clay Wrege was tragically murdered on May 28, 2010. He was almost 28 at the time of his passing.

Clay is survived and will live forever in the memories of his family: his parents, his brother, his sister-in-law, his grandparents and several aunts, uncles, cousins and nieces. Clay will also be remembered by an overwhelming number of friends.

Clay WregeAs testimony to Clay's outgoing demeanor and his ability to make and keep friends, over 750 people attended his funeral visitation and more than 400 friends attended Clay's funeral service. A candlight vigil commemorating Clay’s twenty-eighth birthday (June 8, 2010) was attended by more than 150 people and received television coverage

Clay has been honored posthumously with the Southern Indiana Extra Miler award. This award has been presented to a select number of individuals in Southern Indiana who perform acts of kindness for no benefit of their own.

Clay was a high school graduate from Floyd Central High School and a college graduate from Indiana University Southeast. In high school, Clay excelled at soccer and theater. At the time of his death, Clay was employed at the Fourth Street Sports and Social Club. Clay Wrege :: thought

Any attempt to define Clay will fall woefully short of the loving and fun-loving man he was. He had a zest for life that was unequalled. He sincerely cared about all people and did not discriminate in his affection or friendships. He looked for and found the goodness in each individual. He had a knack for mischief and was always organizing events or parties so that all attending could have great times.

Clay was and is truly loved. He was taken from us much sooner than we selfishly wanted. We miss him terribly but he lives on in our memories and with this established Foundation.

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